The Social Cooperative Enterprise KANNABIO - HEMP HELLAS, more simply known as KannaBio hemp cooperative is an urban cooperative enterprise of collective and productive purpose and limited liability, founded in April 2016.

The goals of the coop is to demonstrate through cooperation and collective efforts of its members all the possible uses of hemp, and more specifically the ecological farming and EU certified strains of hemp, the production, import, processing, and commercial products of hemp and the provision of services that promote local and collective interests, support employment, reinforce social awareness and ecological sensitivity of people, and strengthen local and rural sustainability and eco-development.

The Mission of Kannabio is to support the development of Greek hemp, its biotechnology and industry, the production of high quality and innovative hemp products, their presence on the international market, increasing cooperative and ecological practices.

We provide consultation and expertise about cultivation and processing of hemp. We are creative a processing unit for the production of organic oils, food supplements and building materials. We inform and educate people about the uses of hemp. We are also part of international networks and research bodies dealing with hemp.



The goals of Kannabio cooperative include demonstrating, through cooperative and collaborative efforts of its members all the possible uses of hemp (Cannabis Sativa L); Specifically, organic cultivation practices with EU certified strains, cultivation - importing - processing and packaging - and selling hemp products, as well as offering services that promote the local and collective good, supporting employment, strengthening social cohesion and the ecological awareness of citizens, as well as the empowerment of local and regional sustainable eco-development.

Specifically, the goals of the coop, within the national, european and international legislation, focus on the following actions:

a) Ecologically farming hemp in fertile productive lands and especially in contaminated soils for ecological soil regeneration.

b) Processing, and producing products from hemp (such as seeds, oils, tinctures, therapeutic preparations, fiber products, etc.)

c) Import, production, processing, handling, marketing, and export of textile-cannabis products.

d) Research and development of innovative products and services related to hemp especially the areas of production and processing.

e) Informing and raising awareness of the public and training certain target groups such as farmers, manufacturers, merchants, unemployed people, entrepreneurs, and others to confer the environmental, social and economic benefits of hemp.

f) Offering consulting services, policy proposals, expertise and guidance to the administration in matters related to improving the hemp industry following guidelines of international best practice and experience.

g) Locating and rehabilitating - soil regeneration in polluted and burdened areas with hemp

h) Creating buildings, constructions and all types of applications with construction and insulation materials derived from hemp.


To produce high quality and innovative hemp products, promoting the cooperating principles, collaboration and agro-ecology.